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robocowboy's Journal

25 May 1979
abandoned things, additive synthesis, analog synthesizers, apple, assembly language, audio, avr, baboon torture division, babyland, beats, big tex, binary, cables, cameras, chairs, cheese, chiptunes, circuit bending, clouds, compulsive tower building, deduction, deserts, differential amplifiers, digital audio, digital video, dinosaurs, dreaming, dry humor, eating, electric organs, electricity, electronics, eq, experimentation, explosions, fft, filters, fog, free death, frequency modulation, frogs, furniture, gardening, ghost towns, granola, granular synthesis, gunstar heroes, hexadecimal, hrvatski, impulse response, instrumental music, integrated circuits, kraftwerk, krautrock, lipids, mame, mechatronics, metal, microcontrollers, mockery, modular synthesizers, moisture, motors, music, nethack, neu!, new socks, nintendo, noise, noisy beats, nonlinearity, november novelet, nuts, nyquist, opamps, os x, paper, patterns, pepper, pesto, pirates, pixels, pockets, potatoes, pulse width modulation, puzzles, python, quiet, radio astronomy, rain, resynthesis, reverse osmosis, ridicule, ring modulation, robotics, robots, roofs, s/pdif, sampling, sandwiches, satellite, satire, science, scientific method, scrabble, sheet metal, shelves, sleeping, sleeping with the earth, slow cooked meat, slow motion, slow wave, soldering, solitude, sound design, soup, space, speakers, speed holes, square waves, static, stereo microscopes, subtractive synthesis, synthesis, taquerias, tessellation, texture, the beach, the braindead monkeys, the moog cookbook, the ocean, thermocouples, toast, tomatoes, tortoise, variety, vcos, vector graphics, vector synthesis, video, video games, vinegar, water, waveshaping, weather, wind, wires, wit, yellow magic orchestra, ǝpoɔıun